Being A Shorter Man

I've always been considered short. I am 31 years old and 5'5." On top of that, I immigrated to the US at a very young age (around 4,) so in addition to always being the short kid, I was also the "different" one. Growing up, and also into adulthood, I'd be lying if I said my height never bothered me. Studies have shown that dating is brutal for a shorter man, income potential is less, men don't take you as seriously, you're viewed as weak, etc. etc. (inset negative stereotype here.) But I have managed to be both successful in my career (I'm a doctor) and successful with women. I have dated girls from 5'0" to all the way to 5'10." My last GF was a beautiful and talented yoga instructor who was 5'7" and HOT!

So here's my advice: height doesn't matter, nor does money, or looks. If you want to succeed in life, whether it be at your job or with women (or men,) the only thing that matters is one thing: confidence. I know that because I've always been the "different" one, I stand out from the crowd, and have used that to my advantage. When I walk into a room you bet your *** everyone will remember me. You have to turn on the charm, and be confident in who you are as a person. It's true that you do have to work harder than people who have been endowed with natural "gifts" such as height, but because of the struggle, your personality develops more.

As far as attracting women goes, i accept that many taller women would not want to date me. But does that stop me from approaching them? NO! Because there's one thing I know whenever I walk into a social situation. Even though I may not be the tallest guy in the room....I sure as **** have the biggest balls.
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Great story, nicka79! "Heightism" (or "Apart-height" as The Goodies called it) is just like any other irrational prejudice: something to be overcome. Your presc<x>ription of "confidence" should treat the disorder most successfully. Thank You for posting.