I Wish I Were the Party Monster.

Since making this wish it has slowly begun to come true.

i can party no matter the time of day or situation, and i can get wreckless and never care.

"i have work in the morning" doesnt even stop me, as long as im still on time and do my job, i dont care if im partying for 24 hours straight beforehand.

im meeting more people. more people are meeting me.

i associate with better crowds, crowds that arent just takers, but also givers.. the party doesnt stop.

drink drink drink. its a beautifully tragic thing really.

but im not an alco, and i dont have problems.

its not because im trying to escape a situation, its because im having fun.

living life as the glamorous trash that all teens should strive to be.

it keeps getting better.

jarraphile jarraphile
18-21, M
Feb 14, 2009