Being Unsure..then Proud!

Let's admit one practice freeballing means that a dude must have something to be really proud of...that takes up space..has good length, form..and macho size. That is not something that most dudes pursue. However, if you are naturally blessed to be a show'er and mother nature has entitled you to join the ranks of such males as John 'Wad" Holmes, Forest Tucker, Milton Berle, Roddy McDowell & other studs, why not at least try going freeballing and see what happens! As an early teen, I would have been too embarrassed..however..time has been favorable to me by allowing my body to produce a very good looking mid section, complete with lowhangers, and a solid, stiff rod that I can hang a heavy wet towel on and still not have anything drooping. Call me a late bloomer..but finally I do not have to be ashamed at the local gym, bath house..or Doctor's office!    Here is my 1st experience...
  I took a shower and stepped out one evening completely underwear free..with a V neck T-shirt to show off more chest hair, and a pair of jogging shorts..that come almost to my knees..and running shoes.  I chose a nice neighborhood near my apartment, with a nearby park just down the road.  Within 15 minutes, two joggers introduced themselves to me, a younger lady stopped near me in her car and asked for directions, and an older gentleman sitting on a park bench waved and made a comment about the weather and started a conversation.  I stopped, introduced myself to him, and as he was talking, put my leg up on the edge of the bench and did some leg stretching.  He said that he wished that he was younger like me and that I reminded him of himself at that age!  I asked "In what way?" and he replied.."Oh, in the macho department.  I can tell that you are really hung and are proud of it, just like I was!"  He laughed and patted me on my knee and then said " You are really firm in your leg muscles" and proceded to touch and feel on the inside of my thighs.  I looked around to see if anyone was nearby.  Nobody was and he then quickly slipped his hand up my shorts and massaged my balls and wrapped his fingers around my penis and said "Follow me to that grove of trees over there and I will make it worth your while."
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