Did I Take the High Road Or the Low Road?

I sometimes wonder which road I really took. How do I know? given circumstances and making the decisions at the time, do you ever really know at the time, how it will all play out?

I have made several decisions in my life,some didn't turn out the way I had pictured it. There were times when I just couldn't seem to get it right. Other times I would say ok I can do this and feel a sense of achievement.

I am not in a job that I wanted to be in, yet for all that, I love my job.I have fun doing it. I raised my brother whom I am very proud of , he is in his last few years of retiring from the military just in his 40"s! I was only 21 when he came to live with me and he was 14. So I wasn't planning in my early 20's to raise a teen but circumstances can be pretty hard to refuse.

So yes, sometimes you have to take what is thrown your way and the sink or swim mode certainly applies. So you do the best you can and what you think is right. I think personality does play a strong hand here. Many people ask me "If you knew then,what you know now would you have done it?" I think for me,,, given the same circumstances .Yes I would. Even knowing how it would turn out because I think we make decisions based on our beliefs and personalities.Now I don't mean all decisions, some are influenced by our economic status or an emergency that requires us to "Quick fix" a problem.

Opportunity aso plays a role. Did I have the right resources to make my dreams come true? Did I try to find out information on how to do things? I must admit to some honesty here not always. You see sometimes I take the secure way or the safe way. I already know the rules and know whats expected of me. Sometimes I think, well I couldn't afford that (meanwhile I have no idea if I do or not because I never check into it). Iam scared to make the wrong choice. What if I do this and my life gets worse and not better?

Case in point I was a store manager a long time ago.It was a good paying job a bit stressful but good.Well at that time I was going through a seperation pending divorce,I had three small kids at the time. So eventually I had to leave the job due to the fact of so many hours put into the job versus babysitters and plain old stress> I chose the job I do today to fix the situation. As I said I love my job.However I took it on a temp basis until I could get every thing in place. Suddenly now 20 years have gone by.

So I don't know if I took the high road or the low road, all I know is I have seen difficlt times and good times. I have made Huge mistakes, and have made good decisions. I didn't know at the time where it would all lead me. Could I have had a better life? maybe, But mine with all it's pit falls eventually turned out to be a pretty good life, 

So what do you think determines your path?

windy windy
46-50, F
Apr 15, 2007