THE Crossroads

every single one of us has found ourselves at a crossroad...and every single one of us has had to live with whichever road we chose to take...i know there have been many in my life that i chose wrong and now here i am trying to figure out why i chose to do the things i chose to do.there's no undoing what's already been done and there's no changing the past,and the worst is ,is that there's also no then why is it that decisions can still be made so lightly by me?!!
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1 Response Feb 7, 2007

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You can't change the past maybe, but you *can* change the future. Right now. Sometimes it seems like you're stuck somewhere, and there's no changing it; but often that's just an illusion. It takes some bravery to first accept change is possible, and then take drastic steps to turn your life around.