Crossroads and Forks

I have often dreamed of crossroads and also forks in the road ahead.  So when I reach a crossroad in my life I am aware that my choice will have a deep impact - not just on me but on those affected by my actions.  I agonise so long and hard about big decisions.  I search endlessly on the internet for facts and figures, I ask people for their stories and experiences.  But no matter how much data I gather to support my decision I always seem to be left in a position of making a blind leap of faith towards an option that is not entirely justified.  There are always arguments for and against but usually I have gone with gut instinct - and it still turns out to be wrong sometimes.  One or two major decisions have broken my heart.  I have always felt that I got them wrong.  But who knows, maybe the other road would have been worse.  It seems unlikely, but it might have been worse.  Maybe I made the best choice, although it brought pain.  I'll never know.

CrystalCat CrystalCat
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2007

my dear miss crystalcat could you stand a few words of advice from an old traveler.if you learn to enjoy what you have and you don't take people to seriously you will be far better off.just be true to what you think and is a lesson i was along time learning.