Oh wouldn't it be wonderful??? I would be the healthiest woman around@!!!@!

What's your favorite flavor? I actually hate chocolate ice cream but LOVE LOVE LOVE vanilla w/ choco in it. strange I know but....

I have tons of favorites:  choco chip cookie dough, cappacino choco chunk; heath; reeses pieces in vanilla; chubby hubby; well - anything w/o nuts that is vanilla based.

:D - yummy

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7 Responses Apr 18, 2007

Got ya, thanks for the tip!

not really sure. just use in moderation. i think that's the key with that stuff (well, with everything really - but that stuff for sure!!!)

Cramps? I haven't had a cramp in years.Diarrhea? Luckily nothing there.Thanks for the warning.What ingrediant is the culpret?

wise - be careful with that sugar free stuff. It can lead to some VERY dangerous cramps. Good luck!

I like your icecream flavors.I bought some sugar free and it was pretty good.At least icecream is better then chips.I love that too.IceCream is better then cookies or donuts..I love those..damn.

I currently have 3 different flavors in my freezer. and NONE - i repeat NONE of them is calling my name..... WTF????? I must be sick!!!

I have never had pineapple coconut ice cream. I did, however, have pineapple juice and coconut rum last night and it was delish! I bet the ice cream would be fab too!!!