The Moment

Remember the night we sat in the truck

and paid no attention to the world around us?

The night we ran into each other by just sheer luck

And both feeling a strong instinct of need


Remember when we decided to go hand in hand 

to that secret spot where it would be just us two?

When we agreed to just let it play into God's plans

To satisfy the hunger deep in our souls


Remember the feeling of just starting out talking

not wanting to rush anything so bold?

Feeling the need to feel each other's bodies locking

then giving in to each others arms


Remember the peace afterwards

Knowing the everything was all good in our world?

Peace of mind whispering to gravitate towards

each others touch and let it linger forever


Remember the moment the next morning

Just before we parted not knowing our own future

The moment when the rain was pouring 

when our eyes locked and looked straight through us?


Remember what you thought all next day

how everything you thought u knew was now upside?

When a perfect night could have been sealed with a kiss?

I wondered if you, like me, did.


PunkCowgirl PunkCowgirl
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Love your poem about this magic night! A beautiful memory :)

no i don't either.

I bet he did. I know I would have...he must have been one lucky guy.