Well, The Iranian Government Has Chosen Israel As A Scapegoat So Their Own People Won't Overthrow Them

That's what it really is all about -- a kind of hate-mongering festival, somewhat like a real-life reenactment of George Orwell's 1984, where there was a state-sponsored "Ten Minute Hate Period" each day to rally the people to a common cause (other than overthrowing the repressive government that is destroying their rights)...

If you will recall from a recent edition of Frontline called "A Death in Tehran", a beautiful young woman named Neda Soltani was killed by the state goon squads there merely because she tried to protest against the rigged outcome of the recent election. It is possible that she could have merely been arrested, but they decided she had gone too far and they had to get some sharpshooters to take her out because she was wearing some clothing that they thought was too immodest! They were worried other people might start getting ideas...

For some reason, no international tribunal has yet called for the arrest of Ahmadinejad and the fanatical leaders from the Dark Ages who are his puppetmasters, but one has to wonder why...  It is time for the Iranian people to wake up and take back their human dignity.

                                                                 "Man, even I think this
                                                        dude is bad news!"

It's sad, but Iran's Pres. Ahmadinejad is so out-of-touch that he thinks he can go on indefinitely trampling the rights of his own people and laughing at their plight, but one can't help suspecting that he is far from being the sharpest knife in the drawer if he fails to notice what has been happening lately to other despots in the region who oppress the population the way that he is doing... History is not on his side, and sooner or later he will have to finally come to that realization.     
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hi im an iranian you are right but i should say that normal people dont have problem with israelis because we have 1milion jewish in iran they are really nice and i should say that i love israelis

As a liberal, I am no fan of George Bush because of his domestic policies and his attitude towards the environment. Also I believe that the Republicans' obsession with deregulation and total disregard for public safety was a factor in bringing on 9/11. So therefore, I would not mind at all seeing him get arrested... as well as his brother Jeb, who as Florida governor sent crews with chainsaws into folks' backyards to cut down all their citrus trees because the citrus industry became paranoid about something quite harmless called "citrus canker". Corporations rule but individual liberties go out the window all the time with them. Sad...<br />
Netanyahu, well, I have my differences with some of his policies but the man has gone through a lot and is just doing what he thinks he has to do to protect his small country. I really don't think you can compare anything he's done with the treacherous and fanatical tyrants now in power in Iran. To do so makes no sense whatsoever.