Sick Of My So Called Life

im tired of trying to explain myself to people.they dont believe me when i say i have no friends,wife, actually glad i dont sick of ot it,all,tired of it.the end
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I believe you. Do you want to explain to people, or are they demanding answers? You don't owe anyone explanations for your life or your choices. That said, is it a choice not to have a wife or girlfriend? I've made the choice not to have those things, because there are other things more important to me, but if you want those things - friends, girlfriend, wife - and their lack makes you sad, then you still don't owe anyone an answer as to why you don't have them. Don't let others frustrate you, find a hobby that makes you happy and you may find friends with the same interests, or even a girlfriend, yeah? It's probably lame advice, but I hope it helps all the same. Don't lose hope, that's all, whatever anyone else thinks, you're a unique addition to the world and hold a place no one else can fill.