YES, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Can we fast forward 2 years to my 18th birthday please. PLEASE...

I seriously.. would do anything if I could just wake up tomorrow and be 18 so that me and my boyfriend can be together... :(

Debunkifyme Debunkifyme
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2009

You have but one life to live right now, and you will see, it will go by very quickly. The reasons that you want to be with your boyfriend is what needs inquiry. Is it, hormones, rebellion, intimacy issues? asserting your independence is better served by being independent not by chasing love or intimacy before you have even have a chance to figure out what it means be independent. If you have parents who love you enough to try to slow you down a bit while you are young it is wise of them. Growing up is not about legal independence instead it is about learning from your experience. Since you have had very little experience yourself, you might want to learn from someone who has. you have plenty of time. If your lucky you'll trust what I'm saying and slow your roll, if not you might find it by your own realization that you chose to push the fast forward button and missed the chance you had to be a young adult with no demands or responsibilities on your time. just know that everything changes nothing stays the same. all in all you will learn this, one way or another. be well, take it easy