Stuck In The Woods

I know every cloud has a silver lining but its hard to see when it is raining.  Sometimes all you can do is lower your head to keep the rain out of your eyes.

People like to call the breakthrough in life the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I have been hiking up hill for a very long to and have yet to see its end.

Life is difficult for me at this very moment.  I'm making good choices and have come to term with my shortcomings.  Realization is painful and so is growth.  I'm learning to be more patient with myself. But, it seems it will take forever to clean up this debacle. 

Somehow I know I have a chance.  Somehow I know that warm sunny days wait ahead.  I know that I will get out of this dark forest and find my way back to the beach.  I will look back and remember the path from which I've come and remember the landmarks.  Each rock, each barrier, each mud puddle I accidentally or purposely stepped into. 

My shoes are soaked, I'm cold and tired and hungry for a better life.  I can see the sun rising slowly even if it only an inch above the trees.  I see it and I know it will fully rise again.

I do wish sometimes that life had a fast forward button.  I am still grateful that it doesn't because these lessons however painful have made me who I am and will become.

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10 Responses Dec 11, 2009

thanks for sharing with such honesty..beautifully written from the heart..i wish you well and may your lessons be not too painful..i wish and hope the same..

It’s interesting to read on the topic of a FF button. It appears that, for me, slowly getting to a point along the way was a good way of looking at things. It’s interesting in how you show yourself to be very positive here; nothing wrong with that, of course. I can see how you have studied your short-comings and that you have taken note of them, and it’s good that you do this. There is an adage of old that I remember being told me a long, long time ago which says: “Make haste slowly.” I believe this is a good adage actually!<br />
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It’s in moving forwards slowly that we get a clear picture; I might suggest that it could be that you were living life in FF to get to where you are, and in doing this you didn’t see the signs. But it’s never too late to put right whatever it is that we get wrong. It’s just that I believe that the *best* way is the slow, precise way where we see the old ground we trod and where we slowly (and precisely) make our way ahead slowly.<br />
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In any event, I loved reading your feelings and your openness in explaining them. For this reason alone, and your positive attitude, that I really do wish you well for the future. Slow, or fast, I wish you well. :-)<br />
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I believe you notice a lot more the 2nd time around. Slow deliberate steps is the way to go.

to be clear about my path..and the riches are beyond words but i am just a man who would love to find love again..this i often ponder about..

ILWAA Thank you for reading this. I appreciate you being here.

oh thank you all of my friends! It really means a lot to me that you even took the time to read this. <br />
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Flour I like that song. Who sings it? I'm deep into the tunnel right now but I can see the light far ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing being in the sunshine. Thank you flour.<br />
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Candy, thank you. Can you believe I forgot to pray this morning? As soon as I read your post, I began to pray. I had such a wonderful time conversing with my creator. I am grateful so very grateful.

Light at the end ..YES!no on ever fails life is a lesson..i wish to go back more often than forward go figure ! keep praying God will not forsake u,always there ...ur journey was written just fallow it.if u just stop asking..then it shall be given unto u..~ xox LoV Ya!

I dont know if this will even mean anything at all but------------Theres a light at the end of this tunnel theres a light at the end of this tunnel for you.-ooh ooh theres a light at the end of this tunnel so hold on hold on!

Thank you Ennuye. *hugs*

Thank you Luv. You know I appreciate you. I don't think I've ever needed my friends like I do right now. It does help. It really does.<br />
<br />
Thank you Ennuye for the virtual hug. No, hugs online are not the same but at the right time (like now) it does warm my heart to know you care. Offering to share your ear and your time is one of the MOST kind and generous thing anyone has done for me on EP. You are very thoughtful. I'm not much of a conversationalist these days. I will call you, I just don't think you'll relate (but you might).

I think you have a lot of courage to look at yourself and others honestly and be willing to learn your life lessons. HUGS to you!

Thank you SM! I know I always do but it just isn't easy trying to be strong all of the time. Thanks for reading my story.