Since my dad died my life became extremely difficult in so many different ways.  First was the emotional pain of losing a parent, followed by the complete breakdown of my family.  My mom became an alcoholic, my sister a drug addict, and I found out that my extended family had been taking advantage of my dad while he was alive and stealing a lot of his money.  We crashed into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt almost overnight.  The more we dug the more improprieties we discovered.

Since then it's been a long hard slog to win back the kingdom, step by step and brick by brick.  My mom and sister ended their addictions and we've struggled to remake our family.  We lost our house but that loss might end up taking out the debts we owe, so we can start again on a clean slate. 

The last six years have been tough but I know that the bad times are almost over -- in another year or two much that which was lost will have been rebuilt.  Through all of this, there has been no one -- not one family member or friend -- who has come to my aid in any meaningful way. 

When times are bad you realize how alone you are in this world, how little brotherhood there exists.  I would not curse on the worst of my enemies my experiences in the last half-decade of my life.  But it has taught me a powerful lesson about the society I live in and the individuals it produces. 

I will remember that lesson as these bad times fade, as they must. 
Seraph1m Seraph1m
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 19, 2007

keep your head up. your a strong person. keep praying!