Damn Disney Movies!

I thought that what was life was all about.
If disney did'nt fill our heads with crap, I would'nt have learned about life alot faster and would'nt have made so many mistakes.
Why in the hell to we mentally shelter our kids from the world? They deal with crap better in general (more accepting and natuarlly optomistic) and when they learn from an early age it's programmed into their heads better.
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

I think it is good, the ideas about society, that Disney tries to show us. Life is only a living hell if people doing it to an awful place.

I think we do overshelter kids these days. A lot things are kept from them that they could understand and should know about. I got an abrupt reality check in my first couple of years of high school, still am these days. There are a lot of things we can't anticipate for the future and we can't prepare kids for but sheltering them from Real Life doesn't make it any easier for kids. Especially when Disney goes on about love and happily ever afters, what a load of bull crap! Is underage sex, one night stands, teenage pregnancy, STD's or rape/sexual assualt approached in any of these films, no! But these are the first problems and experiences we go through that come anywhere near the topic of love. I'm not saying they should start adding that stuff into Disney movies or any movies like Bratz (etc.) but they shouldn't give such an unrealistic view on love, it's just creates problems and heartbreak for the future.