"over Friendly?"

I've always been a friendly person, and tend to attract alot of guys. When ever I'm out or at a sports event, it seems I become the centre of attraction. Which I do not do purposely. But other females hates me for it. I'm just naturally the type of person that fits in anywhere. Weather it be at a club, a house party a sports event, just hanging, I just have that type of personality. But it does work both ways though, I end up in this strange situations where guys thinks I'm actually interested in them.

So it goes, they think I'm flirting and their girlfriends thinks so too and end up being the bad apple without even knowing it. Being friendly has it's ups and downs. I'm not normally the type of girl that will intentionally flirt with a guy. But so it goes.

I guess it differs for me I know girls can be very flirtatious, I'm just not like that, but I guess you have to know someone to truely know what she/he is implying when things like that happen. I just hate being in the situation when I have to tell the guy I'm not interested. It's terrible to hurt someone's feelings like that. Because they take it the wrong way in the first place.

Some useful information:


  1. Step 1 -- THE FLIRT

    How is she flirting with you? Smiling? Laughing at your jokes? Looking for a place next to you at the lunch table? These are all signs of interest, but not definitive indications of flirtation.

    Does her gaze linger? Does she go out of her way to find a chance to talk to you? When you talk does she dance around subjects of intimacy? Does she ever remark on mutual interests you could be enjoying together? These are more reliable signs that she's genuinely interested in you.

  2. Step 2 --MOTIVATION

    Consider her possible motivations for the attention she pays you. Do you have something she wants? Are you in a position of social or professional power? Does your social status require her to be friendly?

    If you can't think of a reason she would feel obligated to befriend you, she may be flirting.

  3. Step 3 --KINDNESS

    Don't confuse kindness or sympathy for genuine interest. Consider the way you have presented yourself to her. Do you have a sob story? Does she know about your personal struggles? Is kindness one of her shining traits?

    If you're unsure, don't make any big moves. Return the friendly gestures, but don't take it to a romantic level just yet. If she's genuinely interested in you, she'll either take her flirtation to the next level, or demonstrate her frustration that you don't seem mutually interested.

  4. Step 4 -- ASK AROUND

    Ask your friends, her friends, or anyone who has known her for a while. Is she this friendly with everyone? What's her story?

  5. Step 5  -- WATCH HER

    Watching the woman as she interacts with other men can give you the answer you're looking for. Is she just as flirtatious with other men as she is with you? Does her friendliness toward other guys make you feel jealous?

    If that sparkling smile and lingering gaze is something she shares only with you, chances are she's really flirting. However, if she's just as friendly and interested in other guys, she's probably not deliberately flirting. Some people are just sparkly. They don't really mean anything by it.

    On the other hand, some people are just flirts. She may be flirting with you, but do you really want to invest your heart in a woman who flirts with everyone?

Friendlybabe Friendlybabe
31-35, F
Mar 8, 2010