This Is a Huge Problem For Me.

I am pretty anal retentive about this. I will just go damn it and find images for logos. It annoys me because I have to have an image that actually portray what the group is about, so there are some groups I am in with out a logo. The other thing that annoys me are group that I am a part of with out logos that I can't put a logo on (the option isn't there). GRR.
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Thanks for the comments both of you! I know you CAN upload pictures to groups that you join, but I'm not sure if in certain situations the founder reserves the rights to be the only one able to upload pictures. I'll check on this and get back to you...

I suggest (in the Suggestion group) that there be a function that lets people see which groups they've started. That way it would it be much easier for people to remember (and see) which groups they haven't given a logo to. I'm not sure what the powers that be thought of that, or if anyone would use it.