I sometimes wish that I was born much earlier than times we live in now. I occasionally paint a picture, in my mine of a cabin by a lake, logs on the porch, and a rocking chair, smoke coming out of the chimney and a row boat I use for a little fishing now and then. I think how peaceful it would be there. The scent of fresh pine trees would fill the air. And even the odor of chicken litter would somehow smell sweet in small dosages. There would be no electricity, no television, only coal oil lamps and a book to read. I would be tired from a day of working in the fields, but feel relaxed and have a feeling of accomplishment from doing so. The meals would be prepared on an old wood cook stove, and I would enjoy supper knowing, with the help from an old gray mule, I produce this harvest. The old folks would sit there on the porch, talking about the weather, telling stories of pass relatives, and reminiscing good old times. Kids would be catching lighting bugs, and placing them in an old fruit jar. On Sundays everyone in the family would load in the wagon for church. There we would sing old time gospel hymns and listen to the scripture. After church we would gather for an outdoor picnic with friends and kin folk, later the men would sit around and whittle with there knifes and brag about who has the sharper one. The ladies would clear the spread and caught-up on the latest gossip around the community. This picture I paint in my head is just from my imagination, none the less I would like to live in my painting.
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