The Present Is A Gift

The past is just a memory and the future is just a mystery. I have survived over 30 suicide attempts, the last one left me disabled and at rock bottom. I now see that life is precious and we all should appreciate it. It can be so hard and scary at times, but tomorrow will always come and better days lie ahead. I stop at times and think what it would be like right now if I had died. Sometimes its heartbreaking. We are all here for a reason and we wont be let go until our purpose is complete. I know I should have died, and I know that I am here for a reason.
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26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

So what was the thing that made you want to live? What clicked in you to believe life was worth living and you had a purpose? 30 suicide attempts is a crazy big number. I can barely grasp at imaginging all the terrible things you must have endured to try that many times.

After being so close to death so many times but getting chance after chance, I knew I was needed here for some reason. I have neices and a nephew who are going to have hard lives.

All we can do is keep going. Someday are bad and others may be glorious. Focus on the good times and let the bad days go.