Come On!

Is it that hard to look back over what you wrote before you send or publish it?  Honestly.

Even my local newspaper doesn't grasp the concept of proofing their work and goes to print with more typos than my 6 year old's homework.  Not only is that showing off their ignorance, it's pretty bad for the people that pay to read the news.   

Spellcheck is not a substitute for proofreading.  All together now: SPELLCHECK IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROOFREADING.

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5 Responses Dec 5, 2006

Sorry to disagree, but on EP, the message is most important. Should those who don't have proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills stay off? I remember when you couldn't attend church if you didn't have the proper attire, it's kind of similar. I'm pretty fair at all three, but once in a while, I read what I've posted in the process of reading others' comments, and blush that I've typo'd. Oh well, it's not the end of the world and let's keep in mind what's important. If you can understand it, forget the errors. Also, I think I've noticed a lot of younger EPers use 'abbreviations', like LOL (that's the only one I know). So, let's not be English teachers, save that for literature. Please and thank you.

It's the truth.

Amen! An otherwise good story totally throws me off when it hasn't been proofread! It's very frustrating when you can see that a writer has got some great talent but just won't take those extra few minutes to clean their work up.

SPELLCHECK IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROOFREADING. O.O (Also, proofreading is not a substitute for spellcheck. Be thorough, always do both :D)