Anglicisms ******** On Our Language...

Well, it seems hard to explain it to an English or American native speaker what globalization does to languages in Europe.

The only country to be consequent not to let any Anglo-American invasors come into their language is France. The Italians are quite language-conscious, as well.

But GerMONEY is so obedient and without any consideration as to what English meteorites might do to its language that it hurts a one-time-teacher of English and German's heart to witness the decay of language, and speech.

Hard to explain the specific trouble in my language, of course, to people who don't understand or speak it. But, anyhow, you may understand my concern...

Genrik Genrik
66-70, M
3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Oh boo hoo. The English language is packed full of words and phrases from French, German, Spanish, Italian, you name it. Nobody here (U.S.) calls it "******** on our language", despite the general tendency toward zenophobia.

Very interesting, chovhani. Globalization is harvesting languages like a crop machine...

I saw, in Quebec, Hamburger translated into "Hambourgeois". That's how keen they are to avoid Anglicisms. The Norwegians dictate changes in the language from a central authority too. I do empathize, but then German is also the language that creates new words, rather than borrow Latin ones, by adding traditional elements to create new ones. Fernsehapparat comes to mind, or Staubsauger.