Don't Forget To Be Yourself

It breaks my heart when I hear that my girlfriends either wish that they were more beautiful or could lose a few pounds... And they're only in their teenage years. I don't know who or what is putting this idea of "I need to be pretty to be happy" into their heads. Maybe it's a combination of the media and low self-esteem, but I'm not a mind reader. Personally, a woman, girl or young lady is beautiful because she is happy with herself no matter what other people try to tell her to change. Ladies should do whatever they feel is right for them; wear make-up if you WANT to wear it, wear sweats and a tank-top if you WANT to wear it! Remember that there will be someone--somebodies-- that love you because of how you've impacted their life and imprinted in their heart. It's that single thought that keeps me self-confident and happy with who I am.
Valintine07 Valintine07
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that was cute..

couldn't agree more, its the mainly the media after this. thankx for you post