It Frustrates Men

I really wish more women would love themselves. Really!

It is one of the most frustrating things I had to deal with when I was dating.  Women with low self-esteem.  It is was huge drain on me and a bigger drain on the possibilities of a relationship.  While I am supportive of my friends (men and women) and understand being down over things that happen at work, etc., it gets to be extremely draining when a woman is always looking to me for reassurance of her self-image or self-worth.  I broke off more relationships with women over their lack of self-love.

I am so happy that I have a woman in my life who has a very strong self-image and and healthy sense of self-love.  It is refreshing to see her confidence.  I'm there to be supportive of her when she is troubled but I am not necessary for her day to day support.  She gets that from herself and her relationship with God.

I really wish more women would love themselves.  I think they would find the relationships they seek if they did.
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4 Responses Oct 24, 2011

I think your right. I like your perspective on it. I think it's wonderful that your wife has that confidence. It is not easy to get there though. Especially when you've had people in your life that made you feel like you weren't enough. It is a constant struggle, but worth the fight. :)

This is amazing. Thank you. You're a lucky guy!

Thank you. I am extremely blessed with a wonderful wife.

She's lucky too :)

Nice to hear the male perspective...and I couldn't agree more.

I agree completely! Thank you for this.

You're welcome.