You Want To Know What Would Make My Life Easier?

if you could take a ******* compliment without suspecting I was lying, trying to get laid or severely delusional and crazy. If I could just be NICE to you without your prism of self loathing telling you I must be a loser if i think you're special. Because you ARe special.

If I didn't have to make you feel like you EARNED my affections. Because even if you did, if you don't feel you did it's useles.s

if you just recongized that you might of earned it by virtue of beng who you were. No effort really required.

Love is a GIFT, not something you earn.

you GIVE it to those who are deserving sure-but they don't earn it. They just deserve it. 

here are some things I value in so many who hate themselves
1. they put others before themselves.
2 they worry about others.
3. they always ask how you are.
4. they are ultra considerate.
5. Humility.
6. Great intelligence, underneath the facade of stupidty.
7. uncommon wisdom

it goes on.

the bottom line is it's hard to be loved by anyone who doesn't love themselves because if you give them love they will think you aren't attractive because they need to feel they earned it. I have never mastered the art of feigining disinteresd and there's no convincing them that they inherently are special and deserved it without TRYING. 
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This was beautiful.