My Best Friend Moved And I Didnt Like It.

My friend Danny P. moved away, and it cut me like a sailor through an anchor rope in an emergency. He would play guitar while I pushed lyrics into place using years of experience. His favourite topic of conversation was "Boon", the award winning British TV series, I believe Michael Elphick was his favourite actor. I think I miss the conversation the most, even tho i really didn't know what he was talking about due to his mind-altering heroin habit, and his intense acid journeys to mars. If he was here today I would offer him sanctuary in the Love of Jesus, and explain that even though he is living in sin that God will still believe he is innocent and the past is always a mistake until you accept Jesus into your life. I have been criticised for using a nine-fingered bass guitar in church but I hope you can stay strong for the sake of our children. God bless you Dan, I'm almost glad you left as I might have exploded with love if you'd stayed... Please deliver God's message wherever you go, you are beautiful. All my love, Mike the Elf. X
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

If only you'd said this earlier, I'm just on the edge of a ******* LSD Trip, and Cameron has given the go ahead for gay marriag. Nut only responsible marriage so remove the heroin from tonight and let's grow towards loving acceptance. Night night my new partner/husband/wife x x. Xxx