The Best Years

My bestfriend was amazing. We lived in the same apartment complex, rode the same school bus and went to the same elementary school. We did everything, rollerblading,bike riding,scootering, baseball,kickball,anything and everything you could think of we did. We were always outside. I always went inside his place because he was an only child and had everything and i had a girly room. Dolls and such and no he couldnt go in there..Girls The sadest day of my life was when he told me his mom was getting married and she was moving in with her fiance. My heart broke then and there. The whole time he was moving he didnt talk to me or play with me. He actually played and talked with my older brother. I was so hurt and didnt understand and so i went to ask his mom because she was on her balcony one day and i wanted to know because i was sad and curious. The day he moved i dont even know one day he was and they next day he left. No goodbye, or anything. I became depressed after that because we had met so many people. We met a blind girl, we met all sorts of people and had the funnest time with everyone of them. We didnt judge we did what kids did play and have fun..noo worries. I'll never forget  my bestfriend.Though i think i spelled his name wrong. I dont remember but Zachary or Zackary Jacobs...please for forgive me if your reading this and i miss you so much.!!!

linds001 linds001
18-21, F
Mar 18, 2009