The worst feeling in the world is being cheated on.  At least 3 times an hour I picture in my head my boyfriend having sex with this girl and I am so nauseous I actually almost throw up.  I have cheated on my boyfriend before and I always thought that I would never ever do that because my dad left my mom for another woman after 20 years of marriage.  but somehow i ended up doing it and i felt so guilty afterwards.  I do know how it feels to be cheated on and I have finally learned to never do it again.  when you are really in love with someone and you find out that they are with someone else it is devestating.  and when they pick the other girl over you in the end..its even worse.  after four years of being together my boyfriend broke up with me..but didnt tell me there was another girl until i found out by accident...and i confronted him and he said yea...and that he wants to be with her not me..but he still loves me and maybe we will get back can he still love me but be having sex with another girl?? he just wants me on the side in case it doesnt work with her...i hope i get over this.
court838 court838
22-25, F
May 22, 2007