Maybe In The Future?

That'd be great!

First things I'd do..

-Upgrade my memory. I tend to forget things easily, and quickly. I don't remember last week..
-Setup a program to record my dreams.
-Delete unwanted thoughts and such
-Organize all my ideas into folders.
-Organize my friends.. >.>
-Setup a PEPBOY as a monitor for my computer brain. O.O *shivers at thought*
-Setup satellite internet :D
-Update all my drivers.
-Download a bunch of flash games to play as daydreams xD
-Do a file recovery of my childhood and see why I don't remember much of it..

Yup.. This is what scientists and inventors should be working on! :D
Turbulence Turbulence
18-21, M
6 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Heh.. But I mean something other people will hear. <br />
Walking around people, instead of nothing or humming, they'll hear LP or A7X!!

Hahaha it's always something completely random xD It rarely annoys me though =]

Well, me too, but it's usually some random tune that I don't like!

Haha that I already have, it just never goes away xD

Oh! And import my whole media pla<x>yer music library! Always wanted background music! :D

Oh my god! That would be sooo coool!! xD