I'm so envious of everyone's stories about how they've gotten larger and fuller! I'm currently a 38C and I want to be a DD, so badly. I love not wearing bras and when I used to use a breast pump, my nipples were erect almost all the time. My b/f would go wild.

I'm going back on fenugreek (for lactation), and I know that this will help with upping the size, but my pump is broke :'( so that's out of the question until I get a new one. Which might be awhile because I want to get a good one. Is there anything else I can do to help with the size?

Oh, I'm also looking at going back on the BCP, if anyone knows of a certain type or brand that helps with enlargement, I would really appreciate that!

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3 Responses Aug 1, 2010

if you want to stay with a bigger breast size, why not get some implants? you could still pump afterwards.

Try noogleberry.com Their breast pumps are the best. Grown two cups so far.

wow... u made me curious about ur boobs...