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I already have fairly large breasts, and as they were growing I would sometimes wonder if they would ever stop.  Its been a few years since I reached my current size, and I sort of miss that feeling. I am not sure but maybe you could call it pride or satisfaction that my breasts were growing larger.  There was something special about learning that I have outgrown another bra, that my breasts were no longer a C, or a D or DD cup.  I think that  I took a perverse pleasure in that, knowing that I was still growing. Knowing that I was bigger than my friends and family.  Knowing that boys would be amazed when I told them how big my breasts were.  (they always ask.. like I'm a trophy or something)   I think I secretly wanted them to be HUGE, certainly bigger than all of my friends.  And now, even though I have large breasts they seem normal to me.  They are the same, every day. I have learned to live with them, they don't get in the way. I love them, and I cant wait to see what happens to them some day when I have a baby.  Does anyone know why I feel that way?

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I'm so jealous.. i've always been one of those girls that were smaller.. and i can only imagine the confidence they must give you

Maybe inducing lactation would be fun for you then!

You have a great attitude towards your body. Keep spreading the word. I think more large breasted women need to feel more positive about themselves and no doubt an attitude like yours only helps.

Maybe your positive body image and lack of dwelling on the negatives allows you to want more.<br />
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Or, maybe you just love being a very feminine looking woman. As a man i find your attitude very attractive.

I'm going to try to answer a bunch of questions at once. Still the same size since this was written, however depends on who makes the bra and the sizes change a little, but that's just a made up number as my boobs haven't changed.. Just like shoes. I'm happy with my size, and yes I have this perverse sense of superiority at times. I've not tried to induce lactation, but that will come some day. I have had many adults play with and suck on my breasts, but again have not feed anyone yet.<br />
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I'm aware of the careful what you wish for warnings. I have these already don't i? If you read somewhere else I've posted about how I was kind of small, flat chested for a long long time, then as if the prayers were answered I grew up! So yes.. I got my wish / curse if you will. But I wouldn't change a thing.

Hey sweaterbunnies...have you ever tried to induce lactation?

Have you grown bigger since this story was written?

It was funny!

damn.... a typo... I guess that's what happens when I imagine how great they would look when they are even bigger ;-)

Yes.. I seem to have lots of PRODE in them as you say.

I do hope they will get massive for you, and that you will carry them and flaunt them with prode. If you ever do start feeling that they are too big, tell yourself how beautiful and sexy you are, and how nature has been so kind to give you something that soooo many other women only dream about, or pay lots of dollars to get artificially. Believe me, you are a very lucky woman!!!

Yes. From what the Dr. tells me I have a good chance of getting giant pregnancy boobs. Evidently if they got big on their own, they are sensitive to hormones and likely to get bigger when its baby time. We'll see just how big they get, and if I still want them that big when it happens.

I just think you have a genuine love of your breasts. Taking pride in them isn't a bad thing either. I mean, we all want to have something to be proud of. I could also see your wonderment of seeing how big you could get, I had a similar experience.<br />
I was always wondering how much bigger i was gonna get, always knowing in the back of my head that i would one day stop and knowing that made me sad XD<br />
Well, at least when you have a child, you can experience that feeling again =D

I think I'll pass on the offer. But thanks for the information at least.

So the question is, do you want to try it? Do you think you could handle some sessions where you get up to 2000cc's in you? Your boobs would be really huge, firm and you wouldn't need a bra at all!

Wow.. I had no idea.

Don't know exactly how many, I guess around 20 times, always great results. One was a girlfriend who desperately wannted to be bĂ­gger, an a cup who I was able to push up to a c-d cup twice with 500cc, and she loved it. Another girlfriend had lost her beautiful boobs when they were full of milk with her first child, she with that went from a b cup to a d cup. After the milk stopped, she was a saggy b cup The saline inflation took her 4-5 times to roughly an e-g cup with about 800cc the first time, and 1,000cc the second and third, and 1,500 the last two times. Her boobs were huge and beautiful, and she loved it too. There were two others who tried this, and they liked it, but we didn't see each other often enough to do it more.<br />
<br />
If the inflation is done right, it's not painfull at all. All you feel is the needle from the iv going in on the sides of the breasts. At the start, the flow needs to be slow, but as more goes in, the flow can be sped up. The saline spreads through the breast tissue evenly quite quickly, and done right you hardly even notice the slight deformation of the breast where the saline first starts going in before it starts to properly distribute itself. Even the slight deformation is usually gone within a few minutes. There's no damage at all, the tissue simply expands to allow the saline in, and later everything goes back to normal.<br />
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It's not commonly done because it's seen as a bdsm act, and is usually mostly gone within 24 hours for smaller amounts, and 48 hours for larger amounts. Anyway, there's always the scandal thing in hollywood which some conservatives would denounce, and I'm sure the stars want to avoid any negative publicity.

How many times have you done this "inflation" deal? Sounds painful actually.. where does the solution go? I mean for it to make you appear bigger, you have to put the solution somewhere.. and how do you do that without damaging the gland? Doesn't sound all that safe, or Hollywood actresses would be doing that all the time for a quick boost prior to a red carpet event.

Actually you can, kind of. I've done this to several women before. You can do a saline inflation of the ****/boobs, injecting sterile saline solution into them. Teh saline is the same as doctors use to rehydrate dehydrated people. Your boobs take up the saline solution, making them larger by the amount you pump in. Your body over the next couple of days simply absorbs the solution into itself, using both the water and salt that the solution contains, leaving your breasts the way they were before the infaltion. From your profile picture, I would guess that your boobs would be able to take around 5,000cc each. So if you wanted to try it, you actually can! What do you think? Would you come and visit me or let me visit you ;-)

Ok.. well now I guess I know what "BIG BOOBS" really looks like. OMG.. and I thought mine were big. OK, well I am almost certain I would not want to be that size... but it might be fun for a weekend. Too bad you cant try them on, and then take them off when you're done.

15,000cc is really massive ;-) You could take a look at Beshine's website, http://www.beshine.com/ She has now at least 9,000cc, and intends to go much bigger!

Expandable implants? Hmm.. ok, lets just say that I love being bigger than average. I suppose if average keeps getting bigger, then I'd love to stay ahead of the curve. I don't want my breasts to lose their fullness, but I know that will happen. It will happen with age, and with children..or even slight weight loss. I would consider something to help keep them full and firm. Maybe that is keeping up the milk, maybe that's some sort of surgical procedure. Would I want to look like a cartoon? Not really, but I'm already noticed for my size as it is. I probably couldn't be noticed any more or less if I were even bigger. To me.. its really a fascination with overall ratios. I love being short, next to a tall man. I love having breasts that are so over-sized for my body they look out of place. To me that's one of the fascinating things about nature, the variety.. and extremes we all come in. And I love to catch people looking. I have no idea what 15000 CC would look like, but I think its probably somewhere in the range of disfunctional.

Tell me, if you had the chance to make them bigger, would you? And how far would you go?<br />
<br />
I mean, lets say you get pregnant, and when you start producing milk, you get regularly milked so that your breasts keep producing more milk to keep up with the demand, getting bigger and bigger all the time. Is there a limit for you?<br />
<br />
And if later in life you had the chance to have expandable saline implants, that would go to say 15,000cc, would you think about it?

ps: could i bring one of my new friends, and one of yours too, BustyR? :D

i could help with both, the chapstick, and the marathon session ;)

Yes, I had just not considered chapstick for that.. but who knows. If I ever get into one of those marathon sessions I'll be sure to bring my chapstick.

Well, you wanted to prevent chapping did you not? lol

Chapstick on my nipples?

Use chapstick?

I've seem some posts by other women in different groups who have requested someone to suck on their nipples for hours and hours. I don't think I could handle that.. the whole concept of raw, or chapped skin comes to mind. I enjoy the attention, but I doubt I could handle it for the hours required to actually be worshiped.

the bigger the better :) People worship many things, so breasts could be worshipped yes.

If people can practice **** worship, why should there be breast worship? Still, if the idea or worshiping them seems too much, maybe adoration is enough. In either case, they should not be disrespected. Does this make sense?

Are a woman's breasts to be worshiped?

Of course! I pity all those women who give up their birthrite by having breast reductions. What a waste! Rick