Breast Envy

 I definitely have breast issues.  Although I am a 40D, ive always wanted to be a DD.   The overwhelming sensation of seeing them grow really delights me.   I like the way i look in a tight sweater and a thin t-shirt but I feel that if I went bigger the satisfaction would be greater!  Any suggestions?

Auria Auria
36-40, F
8 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Auria, that's great you love your own breasts so much and you want them even bigger. I'd SO LOVE to dry suckle your wonderful breasts several times daily for extended time and this would help induce lactation, then I'd LOVE to breastfeed on your wonderful breasts to make them grow even more as they produce so much milk for your adult baby :)

It blows my mind hearing women love their breasts more than men do. <br />
You are not talking about just bra stuffing but really wanting larger breasts. There are no complaints about cloths, dumb guys hitting on you or anything. <br />
Yes you can find guys willing to work as hard as you to keep them large. <br />
Where? Sigh, I'm not sure. <br />
Keep up the good work. You help make the world more beautiful to see.

I'm inducing lactation at the moment. I've lost weight and they've got bigger. I'm a UK F cup and now need an FF<br />
Its odd isn't it, we're all women with big beautiful breasts but want more!!!!<br /> the mirror comment ;-)

I envy you girls so much! I'm a 38C right now, and I'd love to go up to a DD! Is there anyone who started off and upped 2 cup sizes? If so how did you do it?

I know! Just want them to be a little bigger! The excitement of seeing them grow is such a turn on!

Its funny, we already have big boobs.. but want them bigger. :)

Thanx totttttttto. I will try that!

Try Fenugreek herb.

Have you ever used nipple suckers???<br />
I did and they are starting to look heavier and bigger... but it has to be done regularly!