seriously, a B cup may sound relatively small to most people, but i seem to get a lot of comments on them that leave me feeling embarassed and self-conscious, even if they haven't been intended in a nasty way ex.

"your boobs are massive, they must be at least a C cup"

"your boobs look massive"

"it doesn't look as if have any problem filling a bra"

my friends may mean this harmlessly, yet i feel really embarassed as i have never wanted a large chest and i hate being so overtly sexual, it's annoying. i may be still a B cup (nearly a C cup) but i  appear to be still growing, and i feel really self-conscious.


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Hi. You'll probably feel a lot better in the future.

Yeah having big boobs will make u feel a little insecure

i really want smaller breast they hurt my back and stress me out i strated out in grade school a C cup in middle school a D cup and now i DD i hate it cant wear the tops that i would like and i am only 22 years old i would do any thing for smaller breast

Now it's four years later. How do you feel about them? I'm betting on: You like them, They helped you land a man, and He really likes them.

i'm a 34DD, i'm 24 and they're still growing...but the rest of me isnt. so enjoy your Bs! oh, and your friend must be jealous or something. ask her what her deal is.