I'd love to walk through my closet,open up a little door and walk into a shimmering field of flowers.  Perfect climate ..not hot or cold....One part of my world would include a lake of many creatures. Boats to sail on till I choose to stop.  There are no clocks here, no time to begin or end. Just be in the moment.  Another part of my world would be an emerald green forest. Talking woodland animals..Yeah, I saw Bambi and Snow White. Good flicks.  I would need a Christmas village, on a southern hill.  A gingerbread house, frosting on the windows and roof.  Cookie walls and candy cane gates. Inside a huge fireplace  with overstuffed chairs to lounge upon.  Christmas music and the scent of , snow and holiday spices permeate the rooms .  Oh..I need a Halloween town..just like the movie. Witches and chubby warlocks..Creatures with magical spells.  Long, flowing dresses and capes.  Unicorns prancing and pumpkins for cars. A chocolate store with every treat a child can dream of or just create.   How fun is all that?!      No, I haven't been smokin anything blush
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3 Responses Jul 7, 2010

Oh sure.All friends can walk thru the portal with me.The magic works with the must Believe.expect magic and you get it! Run & play as a child.Nibble on the house and talk with the creatures. You are 10 years old and have all the joy we lost in the real world.

Hi ..A child's best memories..Holidays and talking animal friends..Too fun! But as adults, we often create such places in our homes for occasions, family fun and children's happiness in play. Toys around the tree to hear our kids say, " AH!!! Santa was here!"

How i wish i could be there too and live there forever.You inspired me with this story to dare dream the impossible dream.Have a blessed day dear friend.