My Close Closet-portal Experience.

Soon will be 2 years since this has happened to me.

So there I was, on the aftermath of the new year's eve party all excited, warm and hyper from unusual drinking I've done that night... It's 4 AM and everyone is trying to sleep, except me. I'm trying to walk in to Narnia, or at least that's what I was shouting to everyone who were laid down asleep. I do try to walk in and out of a closet in a bedroom full of tired and passed out people just hating me for being so loud and annoying at that moment. Eventually, the sleepy drunken bug bites me and I figure out it would be original to rest inside the portable wooden one and half meter wide closet and that's what I did. I found a loose pillow and a pink blanket on the floor, grabbed it, made a little nice bed for me, crouched myself in there and went to dreamland.

After a (long) while, I felt the wood cooler than before... and I hear birds singing loud... but I ignore and go back to close my eyes. But its get harder to sleep again so I give up. I open the two closet doors and a shinning beam of light invades my confined space, I set my hands on a cold stone sidewalk and slowly stand up, with wrinkled eyes, unaware of what sort of place I might be located and why... The most asked question of all time passed through my head "What the duck?" as I looked around this unexpected reality. There are houses, cars and a dumpster next me... And a Hello Kitty blanket around by back. A Hello Kitty blanket is what accompanied me to this different place outside the closet that I've just walked out. A Hello Kitty blanket, that was suppose to warm my legs since I only sleep in boxers. So all there is for me - who saw every Narnia movie and secretly wish that someday I would get to be transported in to this amazing fantasy world where I would be a hero - is a Hello Kitty blanket.

In these brief seconds of confusing and false hopes, my consciense wakes up and points to the truth. It whispers: "Dude, check that corner over there, that's the house where you were supposed to be sleeping on... that only means tha..." Say no more, conscience. Say no more...

Moral of the story: Don't be rude to your friends when they want to pass out and then decide to go sleep inside a movable closet. They might be cruel enough to put you away for trash collection outside.

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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I am surprised that this post has not had a response nor a heart. There is no need to make enemies being the moral of the story.
Who wants to become trash?