My mate Tammy came over to stay with me tonight.She drank the guts of 2 bottles of wine while I just had tea and water.She promtly passed out so I had the pleasure of tryin to get her up and into the guestroom...I did in the end but I can hear her snoring from my room....shhhh Tammy please!!

annabellef annabellef
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8 Responses Mar 21, 2009

No one wants to spoon a snorer. <br />
Not many people want to spoon a snorer.<br />
That's what Willis was talking about?!

What the fork you talkin' bout, Willis?

What a waste of a perfectly good little spoon.

Or put a pillow over her face and press down for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.... oh wait.... you LIKE her, right???

Or put the corks from the wine bottles in your ears!

godamnit tammy! stop that!

soundproof the guest room, so it will be peace and quiet.

Put the corks from the wine bottles in her nostrils.