The Saddest True Story I Ever Heard

This was many years ago when I watched the Today show. They told how a woman checked into a New England motel and then a few days later they found her body. She had commited suicide. It was so sad because she had run out of money and had no way to pay her bill. The most heartbreaking part is that she had no one, no one that knew of her desperation and sadness. Whatever happened with her family is unknown. Why?  She cut the labels out of all her clothes so know one would know where she came from. (She obviously came from a very wealthy family that had their clothes all made by the same designer). She destroyed all of her IDs. So it's so sad that no one ever could identify the woman. She could not be buried close to her family, have a funeral, etc. it is truely the saddest story I have ever heard.
aquaseas aquaseas
51-55, F
Jan 26, 2012