Sent Away

I am new 2 this. So if u already heard sorry.. I am not smart enuf I guess to figure this out. I have no family anymore since 13 y.o. A man with money came into our lives @that age when my mother was in an abusive relationship n he took stole my virginity n then wanted more n more in return paid my mother n stepfather. Offering them more money if they would give me to him by marriage. When i refused I was kicked out numerous times on the streets n abused when i would return home till eventually I was sent away permanently from my younger siblings. I thought many times I would die. And I was so scared bc i had no place 2 go. Family...I don't know what one is? My life was such a mess..and I try to hang on but nitemares I go thru nightly make me feel like i am reliving it again n again. Not to mention I live with guilt daily bc the man was caught but my parents were paid off n he continues to live n is a sex offender who is very wealthy and well known who has not paid any time for his crimes. And I'm not the only one.
psalm51 psalm51
46-50, F
May 9, 2012