Do They Have Any Idea?

While a part of me is glad that they don't, it hurts even more to know that they don't know enough about me that I am suffering. I used to leave hints around the house, books on self-harm and depression, but they either ignored it or didn't get the hint.
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4 Responses May 6, 2007

I know somebody that can help. If you are willing to try Him....His name is Jesus. Some people say He does not exist, but I have felt his spirit. He has removed me from many ditches and He can do the same for you. Open up your heart to Him and tell Him what is going on with you. Ask Him to take whatever you are feeling away and give your life to Him. His name is Jesus. Except Him in your life. I believe that He will respond to you quickly. I think you need Him.

It only sucks when you tell them and they say you're doing it for attention.

i remember it was that way with me i told my mom i was going threw a depression and she said well we can get help for you but it toke forever,,... im not saying go and do this because i dont want any one else to go threw it but one day at school i had a friend really close to me and she was depressed as well and we over dosed on pills and we got sent to the hosptial and thats when they told my mom i had depression and she got me the help i needed its sad it toke her almost my life just to make her notice i wasnt kidding about me wanting to die

I would flat out tell people how I felt, like you, and they would ignore me or tell me I'm full of it or not believe me. The sad part is I still feel this way and no one cares.