I feel like i'm living in one of the Saw episodes...never liked that movie...I am stuck with a group of people where I might be a key to survival, which is why I continue to survive despite being hated...we are all in this sick game together...

The sick minded man has a voice that pierces my ears, he enjoys the game he put us in, loves every bit and every aching heart, he lives by the idea that we are forced to listen to him, that his voice is what we hate most but is key to survival...

There is no way out, we are all suffering while he watches resting, assured that though we act all tough, are worthless, weak, scared, intimidated...death is the only way out, but I am not allowed to die...not physically nor psychologically, those I am stuck with will stop me no matter what the costs...as I said before I am a key to survival...how longer can I survive though? Haven't I come a long way already? I am exhausted, useless, petrified and everything intimidates me..the slightest sound, the most beautiful sight, even a nice breeze...how can they not notice? Why do they want me to be a part of their game? Im no longer useful in anything, I could actually impose a threat on their survival, I am no good for them anymore...wish they could notice.
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I don't understand can u tell me what your talking about

You must be joking.