My father has never Loved me, not the way a Father is suppose to Love his Daughter. He never really protected me from Harm, or anything like that. He was never someone I could turn to for help when someone upset me, or hurt me. I never had that feeling. I never felt like I had a father who Loved me. I always wanted to be a Daddy's girl for so long, and now I crave it more than anything, but I'm just not, I don't feel Loved by him at all, and I hate that. I can't help but wonder, when I get married, if he would even walk me down the isle to get married to man that I Love. I also can't help but wonder will I have a "father daughter dance" at my own wedding. It hurts, and it makes me cry. I have forgive the man. I have forgive him for what he did to me when I was younger, when he was drunk, and ****** up and outta his mind. I forgave him, not for him, but for me, I just now wish that he could forgive me for not being the son that he wanted.....

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Ah...same here/: my father raped me before my mother killed him wen they were fighting...i wuz right infront if them...):...ehh/:

You are beautiful and wanted and loved and there is One who longs to be the Father you never had. I hope you find Him. :))

Painful not to be loved by your father.... but that is his loss.... *hugs *

OH Sweetheart, I hope you get what you truely deserve from your Dad, I really do Hun.......