5,000 Miles Apart

We met under strange circumstances: on a Michael Jackson music video.
We started talking on Youtube, and eventually moved to texting each other. We consider each other best friends; we share our deepest secrets; we tell each other things we don't tell anyone else. The problem is, she lives in Hawaii, and I live in Massachusetts. Miles of ocean and land separate us, and all we want is to meet in person. Unfortunately, we have to wait two to four years, until she graduates in two years or I graduate in four years, to see each other. Until then, we have to text each other and hope we don't lose touch. I often wish she lived closer, because she understands me better than anyone else. She told me once she connects wtih me better than her sister. It's sad such a great friendship started online, and we're being kept apart by thousands of miles. Even though I never met her in real life, I miss her.

thenextchanel99 thenextchanel99
Jul 18, 2010