A dear friend of mine lives in New Zealand. When I was working through a personal experience he was one of the closest friends that I have.

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That and the fact that he never remembers the time change and loves to call when he is going to dinner... which is about 2-3 in the morning. *giggles* Have you ever tried to understand someone who "speaks a different language" while you are still asleep! *giggles* (Inside joke) He always tells me that Americans can't talk... though I'm a little better as some of my words sound British because I'm from a Commonwealth (plus for my english) *laughing* This is what I hear when I chat with him late at night! *smiles* *miss him dearly*

There's nothing better than having a best friend you can depend on. It sucks when they live so far away. A phone call is great but there's nothing better than being able to sit down together with a beer or a cup of tea and just spend some quality time together!