A Different Time Zone ....

I wish you were near to me

I know that we will never

truly ever be together

and the time we do share

is so very precious

Why did I have to meet

a friend so nice

only to realize

that I will never be

more than just a friend

Irony laughs at me sometimes

this is definitely one of those times

some day I will not have to sneak around

and you will be gone

and things will go back to normal

I hope that when you think of me

you will smile

and remember the great times

when we laughed

when we were quiet

when we kissed

and how much you really

did help me

That is the way

that I 

will remember you

I will not cry

I will smile

and life will go on


MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
36-40, F
Mar 3, 2009