i have had the same best friend since we were 16. she moved two states away about 12 years ago. i miss her so much! we used to hang out almost everyday when she lived here- we did a lot of crazy f!!!!d up stuff. we could also just talk about nothing.

 she's amazing. super smart and super fun (she will just burst into song for no reason and can always make me laugh). she also sometimes freaks out on people which also entertains me.

i just miss being able to share all the stupid little stuff that comes up everyday...


deadlycupcake deadlycupcake
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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

I lost my friend and couldn't find her for 11 years well ive just found her she still lives in leeds uk but a different address i love her so much and she maybe a lot closer to me than you others but the 412 miles is far enough to me i saw her in November and wen she got on that train and left i cried my eyes out it hurts she lives so far away. Also her partner aint to kind to her .. So it probably will never happen but i pray one day she will move closer to me . And you know what I know she would be much happier living closer than the situation she is in now all i can do is keep praying