I Don't Blame Ya

I probably shocked you or bored you..you were speechless

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4 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I try to when I can... It's not really anything you've said that's the problem. Andway, I've been having the exact same problem recently...

It try, KC, honestly I do. I have a kind of informal cycle, so that I make sure to read at least one of each of my friends' stories a week, and I try to leave a comment. I know what it's like sweating over a story and getting no feedback.<br />
<br />
Love your work!

Hahahah, not speechless, just tired most of the time. (puts hand in air and takes pledge) I hereby promise Miss KittyC I will do a better job of commenting on her interesting and engaging stories! Btw, I read the one on the sewer blobs and that thing gave me a nightmare!! YIKES LOL

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