It Would Be Easier

Oh, it would be so much easier if I could just find that stupid switch!!  If I could, my life would simplify in an instant.  I could let go of him.  Finally let go.  Not hurt anymore knowing he's already decided to spend his future with that will hurt him so deeply he will never recover.  Part of me wants to let go so desperately, but then there is that part of me that just simply cannot do it.  That is the part that keeps winning the battle, over and over again...oh, but if I could find that silly switch!!!!

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10 Responses Apr 16, 2010

Sometimes we are forced to make decisions with our head not our heart Our heart will always remember people we love deeply and we can only push them back and try to make room for someone else. At first it may be something you do because it's the right thing for you to move on. In time you will learn to love another, but i know from experience the ones we truly love will always be in your heart forever, but we must choose to allow another to share their space and even though they are there, they will moved to a place in your heart that isn't as hurtful. hugs!

:D :D You always make me smile!!

Awww... you are a song in my heart.

Thank you so much sweetheart. I love you too. You are one of my dearest friends here and I wouldn't trade you for all of the chocolate in the world!! lol :D

You are loved, by me...sooo much. I would put that switch on to "SEEK". :)

Thank you so much... :D

you don't need people that don't need you, with every person you lose you dont NEED them, they left you for a reason, for the better, and now your one step closer the person that you really do need=] ur never alone you have your friends, and family or anyother people you mite have, and if u need someone to talk2 , u hav me :)

balance is important. it hurts to love somebody you can never have, I really know this. I have loved someone for years and maybe I always will. I hope she is happy. I am a lot happier now. Hopefully, time will make it easier to accept the situation.

It's the always loving him part that hurts...I haven't figured out yet how to balance loving him and being without him. That's why I haven't let go yet. But I'm figuring out a little more with every passing day. Someday I will be able to.

I dunno. <br />
I think it is better to not have a switch...sounds like your problem my be with your head and not your heart, if you know he is moving on. You can always love him-you probably always will...but don't waste too much time or miss too many beautiful things because you can't take your mind off that useless switch...