I Took Him Back...

I will try to not make this long. Lets say back in June my husband left because I found texts between him and my "friend" Him saying how he was falling out of love with me and wanting her. So I told him I seen his textes and it was me or her. He left saying he was so angry with me for going behind his back. Anyways they started a thing, he didn't tell me outright I knew by checking his FB, behind his back. He was telling me no divorce. One night he came out to see his son. While here I left I came home and we got into it while our son was sleeping I smacked him he told me to file for the divorce. He was with her we shall call her ,M. Anyways I filed. He dated M and talked about marriage and children and moving in together. I told him our son was not to be around M because of her "habits". He didn't obey I filed for full custody.

Skip ahead I know everything about their relationship. Calling her my nick names. Taking her to the palces he wooed me at over 6 years ago. Talking about buying her the ring I wanted for our 5 yr ann.
Anyways, July end of he started telling me he loved me still never lost it jumped in to quick with her to get over me it didnt work I was his one and only. Blah Blah bLha anyways After awhile I took him back... He moved back in with me and his son. Now she is kinda gone. She texts him once in awhile. because when she found out he was coming home even though she already broke up with him she jumped right back on his ****. It was hell. I still took him back.
I do love this man. I have his son. He was a great guy. This is our biggest fight ever in 7 years. Biggest mistake ever in 7 years. So I took him back. But now I can't seem to believe anything that comes out his mouth. I believe sometimes he is only home because he knew in the divorce I would whoop his *** mop the court with him I would have. I could have gotten full custody of our son and he knows it. I believe this is why he is home. I mean he tells me my sweet things buys me gifts he is trying to make up for it cleaning cooking. But yet in my gut I feel he loves her he fell out of love with me and still is. He swears no.

How do I move ahead to make this work if it can. I love him I just don't believe him anymore. His parents met her and said it was nice to see the old him back. WTF does that mean. So I feel i runined his chance at happiness because I wanted him back and now that he is back I just can't believe he is back because he loves me. He says he seen I was the better person. Of course I was, I am not a home wrecking *****. Anyways... Help.
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Also it wasn't really the sex that bothers me. It hurts what hurts more is he connected with her on a level of emotion. told her he loved her she was his dream girl and I was just a placeholder tell he met her. He felt nothing like this for anyone. When asked he said it was all new relationship talk. It meant nothing. Blah Blah Blah. He admit to feelings for her that he loved her but added not as strong as he does me. How do I get over this. She is still kidna around as well. Ahh so sad...