He Did This To Me!

I got some horrfic news yesturday, that I dont know how to deal with. I spoke to my ex husband yesturday and he told me that he was sleeping with another women the majority of our marriage. He lied to me saying they were just friends, and he was comforting her after her bad break up. The worst part about this is he had to tell me because the girl he was sleeping with was HIV positive, and now there is a great chance he gave it to me. The doctor said he was a carrier and I have been so sick and having horrid pain and discharge for the past few months! I cannot belive this. I stayed with him because i felt I owed him the love and sex because I had a duty as his wife and he was sleeping with a 17 year old the whole time...then making me feel guilty for only having sex with him every other day. Mom is taking me to the hospital on monday morning to get blood tests and a pa smear and were going to hope and pray Im not Positive. after all this he tells me to remeber that he got used as well from this other girl and tht i should realy coinsider still being his friend....i cant stop throwing up and I feel so gross and dirty. I didnt know how else to turn to. I cant even start to explain what im feeling right nowe and i had another ******* seizure becuase of all the puking and crying im doing! Im sorry for my language I never swear but Im so lost I dont know what to think.
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

How are you? Can I have an update? I pray for you!

Im so so sorry

This is the worst thing i have ever heard. You do not deserve to go through this and i pray for you from the bottom of my heart.

I can only say that I just said a pray for you! Good luck tomorrow!