Maybe I Ask Too Much

In SecondLife i can get some of the things that i cant get (anymore) in RL.
But it would be great if i could share at least some of my sexual desires and fetishes with my hubbie.
Not sure if i'm so open and others so closed, or if im simply a depraved woman that didn't set the limits in her fantasy.

Simply browsing profiles, reading stories and looking some pics on EP, makes me excited and increases the desire of share it with him.
I meet lots of men and women here on EP, thousands of fantasies and i could multiply my grouplist by 30 or 40 if i joined all groups which names produces in my brain an association with my sexual fantasy life.

I really would like to be able to share this, specially if i imagine what a sexual lust and fun people had when they made these pics, or when they wrote these stories.
But i think i'm afraid that i must keep it all in SL and however not the real stuff; it comes quite close in SL, in spite of its limits of not being able to touch and smell.
Remember that the sexual organ is situated between the ears: the brain!
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21 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Wow, you are sensual. Very exciting.

Hmmm, maybe I should get back to playing SL and *** find you!! I LOVE kinky perverted fantasies and I have some of my own and I would Love to share them with you!!! NOTHING is Too taboo for me!!!

Well if my life slows down enough in the near future I will definitely check you out there!!!

Wow! Totally true! I agree 100 percent

My wife is same, I cannot share my fantasies with her, she is very inhibited, and when I joke around with just my less than vanilla ideas she tells me I'm a pervert, so I have to love a double life, mostly online to get my kink fix.

Right you are,, our sexual thoughts are parent to our sexual deeds..some women can *** just from fantasizing without any touching at all

Not revealing the fantasies is difficult to offer any suggestions If they include multiple partners. Then you may have an up hill challenge.

As a crossdresser. Experienced has proved to be best kept private from partners.
Especially the more feminine the woman , the more they prefer a strong male to make her enjoy being a woman...;-)

I'm sorry that you can't share them with your partner :( I think more than few of us wish that we can, too

Well why not? and you're very right the largest sexual organ is the brain

Sad to hear that your hubby it's not into or won't listen to your fantasies, i wish i could be in his shoes..... i love how openminded you are and i only wish i could find a woman like you.
Please share more of you fantasies with me,message me i know we have lots in common ;)
I hope we talk soon, i know i'd like to get to know you more. In the mean time keep sharing your fantasies with us ;)

I agree.

On the radio today....I happen to live in Australia.... There was a discussion of skin sensual sensitivity.

The need for tactile intimacy.

very insightful

Real intense, passionate feelings for immensely pleasurable experience...

Tell me more

Are you easy to arousev?

mmm yes it would i already fantasise about you

thanks maby ill run into you there

my stories are true andpics are me and friends wife

i think ill try sl and see what happens do you chat there also i just looked at the site but not sure how it works

Sorry to hear that your husband won't even listen to what you would like to share or even try with him. That is such a shame I have always wanted a woman that would share her sexual desires.

I understand what you mean I have been married to my wife for 35 years and over the last two years have told her how I would love to see her being ****** bu another man, at first she thought I was mad but in the last couple of months has been more open the the idea, if I did not say anything i would still be just thinking about it, you need to find the right time and just tell him, you never know he might be thinking the same thing and not sure about telling you

thanks for sharing sweetie i hope u can share your fantasies with your hubby some day, maybe u should try him he might surprise you. well you could always share them with me

Sharing with your partner can be very exciting if they would only cooperate