Only 2 Weeks But Feels Like 4ever!

Okay, I was able to handle my husband gone for a year in Korea. Well i got through it. He came home a year ago in April and luckily he has been home ever since. He left Monday to go to Air Assault School in Kentucky and yea I know Im crazy cause its only 2wks but it feels like he has been gone 4ever and its only been 2days. We have 2 kids and we are all sick with the flu(step throat, coughing) which makes it harder because I can take care of our kids when they are sick but whos gonna take care of me? So n-e ways it just had me think of how special and how much he does for this family. Ive just been spoiled since hes been home, with the help with the kids and me having my alone time just to relax or tan, go to the gym and just to be with him at night and not be worried. I cant sleep to good i feel like Im hearing things or someone will break in. I just feel so secure with him like nothing can get to me. Now dont get me wrong I am so proud of him cause he is doin something he loves and he's doing it for us. i think i just relied on him so much its hard not to see him. And it makes me think about Korea all over again, the nights i cant sleep, the days and nights my kids where cryin for him and another birthday he will miss this month. But I can get through this 14days left sleepless nights but it will all be worth it because thats what a Army wife does she gets no sleep sometimes and misses him like crazy but knows he's the love of her life and nothing can take that away!

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See I told you, you can come stay here LOL, having drinks are fun!!