He's Not My Husband Yet...

I betcha he's grinning now.... from 10,000+ miles away.

We are pretty evenly matched, because we make love all the time, in our minds. That's where sex starts. I wish my libido matched my husband's because some days his keyboard gets overworked. I wish we could actually touch again.

Don't fret, my love... I'm working on my email timing...I get selfish and need to feel you more.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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15 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Ok so quit asking ............... but is your husband ? Hugs :o)

thanks trw you always amaze me!!!!!

He was My Husband/King in a former life...and WILL be in this one if the Gods will it. We met on EP in July and then in person last October.<br />
<br />
I Love You Mikal.<br />
<br />
Now quit asking! :)

Ok ..... so you do the love thing down the wires right ?<br />
got that ok TRW .....But he not your husband right .... This isnt easy for a lateral thinker ...but I wish you many happy keyboards ..... ok we good then ..... Em Em Hugs <br />
But he is not your Hus.......<br />
<br />

Pixelita coundt agree more ...... but is he her husband ..?

*smiles*<br />
We are not officially married in this life as yet.

Em ...... TRW ...... Is he...... or is not ...your Husdand .... ?

Socrates you getting any of this .......... ?

That's the best place to start....in your mind....nothing is quite as tittelating :-)~

Ok, let me edit this then.

TRW Iam Lost ..........? :O(

Thanks Aurora... Socrates also missed the first comment here and my reaction to it. x

Im quite certain if you read any other of TRW stories Socrates, that he - who is not 'yet' her husband in this life - is more than adept at exploring her erogenous zones and stimulating and promoting her sexual desire! ;)

Your story heading says you wish your libido matched your husband's,then I read that this person is not your<br />
husband yet.Which is it?Then you state that you and he<br />
are evenly matched,and that you make love all the time-<br />
without quantifying this-in yoyr minds.Are you aware that you a contradicting yourself?If your libido is in fact<br />
lacking in comparison to your husband(?),then there are<br />
ways of compensating for this.Does your husband(?)<br />
explore the various erogenous zones,some of which -if<br />
explored/stimulated sufficiently- will stimulate,and promote sexual desire.